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  • american_chariot american_chariot Sep 3, 2008 2:09 PM Flag

    Enough of this...the reason the dems are

    Yeah, real "smear" to question whether a female govenor from Alaska that few have ever heard of, is the most judicious choice McCain could make for his Vice-President nominee!

    Got not problem with Palin's personal life, b/c every politician and human-being has one; What I do have a problem with is a VP pick based on "political expediancy and strategy only"! Few will believe she is the most qualified for this position, and it's a long-shot to tout her credentials as "hocky-mom" qualifying her for possible Presidency of the United States! It was a dumb move imo, and even though the Republicans will support her and push this nomination through, people who are thoughtful and suspicious of a party who brings out para-military forces to pre-empitvely and illegally arrest the "Amy Goodman's of the world", on trumpted-up "suspicion-of-terrorism charges", will vote their suspicions soundly and resounedly in November!

    The electorate is not fooled, imo! Sarah Palin may be a great mother, governor and modelesque public figure, but she is hardly the best candidate for Vice-President of the United States that McCain could select; Funny thing is, it is reported that McCain wanted to select Liberman for his running-mate, but the far-right wouldn't even consider such! And judging by the "USA-chanting fascist" Red-Coat/turn-coats" at the convention last night, you'd think all was peaches-and-cream outside X-Cel Center, where 100's of people were being illegally detained and arresseted!

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