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  • ezalldee ezalldee Mar 16, 2010 4:35 PM Flag

    ram the health bill thru.

    I see. so since 94 the repuks have controled health care cost? or has it gone thur the roof sice clinton said it would in 94? he said it would . tell me why he was wrong?

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    • It has nothing to do with HEALTH CARE CRISIS. It's all about a CULTURE CRISIS. We have people who would rather spend their money on the latest bling, cars, electronics, etc instead of insuring their HEALTH. I see people every day in various stores spending and spending then these same honchos complain they can't afford health care. America's priorities are in the wrong place. That is CULTURE not HEALTH CARE!
      Costs have risen because those that have their priorities in line have to pay extra for those sorry lame folks who would rather have gold train tracks installed in their trash talking mouths instead of purchasing health insurance. There is nothing Clinton, Bush, Repubs, Dems, Obama, Reid or anyone can do to change that.
      The only gripe I have with health insurance companies is their lame excuse around pre-existing conditions. They do not want risk of pre-existing conditions. You have to take the bad with the good.
      You lefties all love to blame one side or the other. This again is not a Dem or Repub issue. It is a cultural issue of sorry lazy azz folks who won't take care of themselves. There hasn't been a lefty who can win this argument...including Pelosi, Reid, and Obama. This is why they can't get the votes to pass it although THEY have had supermajority in the Senate and House. They didn't have to wait on the Repubs to ok their crap. Now they are having to resort to illegal and unconstitutional manuevers to try to get something passed. So quit trying to lay blame and go back thru history like all ideologues and get a life and some insurance on your own. To quote Andrew Wilkow, I am right, You are wrong, I win, You lose, END OF STORY!

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