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  • markwilson333 Apr 18, 2010 10:01 AM Flag

    Duke: Strategy, Opinions, Corrections & Bear Raids

    I have been a fan of your posts for quite some time now. I guess with all message boards there are bashers as well as pumpers. kudos to you for just giving us facts and a diffrent perspective allowing us to digest the nuggets and make our own decisions. I will continue to look to your comprensive views and use them as another tool for profit making. I only wish I had bigger balls to sell when I should. I havent sold anything since we touched the low 80's I wish I took your advice when we hit the yearly high I would be planning a summer vacation with the profits.
    I will place a sell order in for 1.23 for 30% of position and hope to rebuy at .99. Hope it works. If it dont I'm still up anyways.

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    • I'm not the Duke but I too appreciate his advice. Like you I have considered selling at times for a profit like for instance when it sold @ 1.18 and then went back to .94, I just didn't trust myself. Though just this week I finally sold for some profit, sold @1.13 and re-bought @1.05., from now on I will probably keep buying and not be to conservative!

    • Markw

      Forget about the past. The market is open five days next week and there will be new decisions to make each day. In this business you have to think like an NFL quarterback. You just got beat for a TD. Forget it. Start thinking about the next series and what you can do better next time.

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