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  • johnclydekeel johnclydekeel Sep 5, 2010 10:25 AM Flag

    SIRI Debt is nothing new but FREE CASH flow is..

    SIRI should have NEVER fallen before $2.36. I was there watching it like a hawk! THAT was the floor, FOREVER! SIRI was in debt and XMSR was as well before the merger,during the merger and now are still in debt. SO WHAT! They had to spend money to make money and to put satallites in te air and keep em moving is not a cheap feat!

    Difference in now and then besides CRAMER and SOOOO many concurring that SIRI would be a $5 to $8 stock if FCC approved merger.

    SIRI is a CONFIRMED CASH COW!! SIRI is now making money and they WERE NOT then.. Auto sales are even higher that expected,debt although high is and continues to be chipped away.

    SIRI is MAKING $3 BILLION a year NOW! (ALott of mulla folks!)

    Landscaping is changing with everything from Music Royalties to alternatives to music without commercials.

    SAT Radios are beingput in ALL cars and now older cars remain equiped and the used car market is and will continue to be a factor in subs where before,you either got one at purchase or went to Best Buy and purchased one, now with inventory turnover, old cars still have functional SATallite RAdios equiped.. Folks who could not afford the new car will still be able to enjoy the commercial free left over pers in their travels.

    SIRI is here to stay!! THAT my frineds is a FACT!

    Increased revenue = decreased expenses ands DEBT!! $8.33 is not unreasonable if you ask me. Should be there now, 2 years after merger and EVERYONE said $5 to $8.. Its not complicated..

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