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  • richeydouglas Sep 20, 2010 9:53 AM Flag

    President Disaster to speak....Again!!

    majority of america was against health care reform. he passed it anyway with his liberal controlled congress. American people were against the bailouts. liberals in congress passed that. Most americans are against gay and lesbians being able to marry. all dem liberal states are adopting those standards. Most americans are against abortion. democrats support that. Anything that is remotely christian is not what the liberal lefts support. Its plain and simple facts.

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    • Preach it ,brother.......America will oust them in NOv!!!!!!!!!

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      • richeydouglas Sep 20, 2010 10:09 AM Flag

        lets hope so for the sake of this nation. You put republicans back in office and the people will get put back to work. Obama said unemployment would never go over 8% on his watch. its 17% in some states. Now he is talking about raising taxes to pay for all the bailouts, health care reform, banking reform at a time when the country is suffering. If you like this guy then you must have plenty of money to give to the government and do not give a crap about this country every being what it used to be. You cannot keep undermining the American people with your political agenda and get away with it. Dem far left liberals must go in november if this country is to survive.

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