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  • johnclydekeel johnclydekeel Sep 26, 2010 3:24 PM Flag

    WHO was Shorting SIRI? WHO was Accumulating the BONDS? =PRISON with Berny & Erny!

    This will REMAIN a matter of RECORD and will NEVER GO AWAY!! We got Screwed and someone needs to PAY US BACK! To start with, if you dont have a vested interest or OWN any stock in SIRI then you are one of these peopl in my mind! IF not directly then indirectly and whether you STOLE from us or were just the guy they drove the GET away CAR you should GO TO PRISON!! I AM ands WILL BE PIZZED off for the RESTof my life!! IT WAS SIMPLY WRONG!!

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    • You need counseling

    • THIS will NEVER go away and STATUTE of Limitations wont save the crooks either! SOON the rats begin to EAT EACH OTHER! Some are doing it now!

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      • richeydouglas Sep 26, 2010 7:59 PM Flag

        Do not blame the shorts. Mell and Howard made all the money. There biggest agenda on a day to day basis is what steak house they will eat lunch at. You realize this stern fellow with the help of mell just crooked you baggies out of 500 million dollars. what did the shareholders make on the hype of the Mel and Stern scandal. Shareholders got a bag of worthless certificates to hold on to. Howard and mell cruise to the bahamas on weekends and eat caviar while you sit here and acuse short sellers of doing wrong because they where on the right side of the trade. Whats amazing is Howard and Mell thought it was so easy to make 500 million dollars I think they will try and make a billion dollars off the dupes here again. Yes he is loved so much that the stock will spike on the news but will come crashing back fast to earth as we are reminded of the poor fundamentals of this company. If you have not figured out yet that companies with huge debt and hardly any profits do not do that well. It does not make sense for shareholders to pay for anything unles they get results first. Shareholders got no results so far so blame the management not other shareholders, shorts, etc.

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