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  • richeydouglas Sep 28, 2010 12:29 AM Flag

    1% Wealthy Suppresses ANYONE who exposes

    who cares I respect anyone that is wealthy because they earned thier on way. blacks want white peoples wealth giving to them by the government. they have allready now in history spent the wealth of this country 5 times in welfare and giveaway programs. if you had all that money back it would pay off the deficit. wonder why people become haters and this is a pretty good explanation why?.

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    • and WOW!!!!!!!!! what does black and white have to do with it???????....

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      • richeydouglas Sep 28, 2010 1:45 PM Flag

        because smart intelligent white people know the government's only agenda is to take from them and spread or "redistribute" as Obama would have it to others that did not earn it. He really does not care about those people but taking from others gets him votes. Liberals not only lie they are out to take down whats left of corporate america and detroy free captalism. I have never heard such nonsense from a president to say you can spend your way out of financial bad times. All this money has to be paid back and its not going to come from black america, liberals, gays and lesbians who are the make up of the far left democratic party because of the giveaway programs they create. Its all the poor and middle class kids that are conservative christian that will suffer and starve as a result of this liberals left wing economic polocies. He has done more harm to this country in 2 years than all the presidents in history put together. Yes he will go down in history as the first Afro American that brought about financial ruin to the United States of America.

      • stick your hand in the jelly been jar and see which one steals your watch.

    • you didnt earn your money if you are stealing it by illegal or corrupt means... .......and I dont think you read the links or understand what you are responding to....... it wasnt about welfare....LOL...

    • not to mention the fact that when the fed, SEC etc.. is turning a blind eye it hurts YOUR investments are in the stock market I assume....since you are here on this board....right?????

    • right on bro. 40 trilion in affirmative action already, and for what.

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