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  • richeydouglas Oct 5, 2010 11:04 PM Flag



    I am sure I am not the only one that noticed SOME analyst are using the term "if debt remains constant" when giving forward looking analysis. "Total shareholder liabilities" or as I would interpret it as "total long term debt".

    IMO I believe "long term debt" will increase significantly by the end of the year based on (SPECULATION OF COST TO RETAIN TALENT). Some that have put price targets on SIRI are using language "if debt remains constant" vs the high probability that it will go up are using this peculiar language on SIRI and not on other stocks I have researched. So my conclusion is if they are not factoring in added debt(speculation of cost to retain talent)when they give price targets then the targets are meaningless.
    Just my opinion no need to get alarmed or spooked...

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    • MO I believe "long term debt" will increase significantly by the end of the year based on (SPECULATION OF COST TO RETAIN TALENT).
      Wrong on 2 counts :

      1) Sirius under karmazin WILL NOT INCREASE
      costs for any existing talent.(including Stern)

      2) Sirius interest payments on long term
      debt will decrease as Sirius (per mel) is
      in the process of restructering existing
      debt @ lower rates.

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      • richeydouglas Oct 5, 2010 11:33 PM Flag

        I did not say Mel was increasing cost to retain talent. I said that "total shareholder liabilities on the balance sheet will increase for 2010 significantly as a result of retaining talent because those contracts are about to expire and have to be renewed. My point was I do not believe Analysts are factoring in those costs when putting out price targets. Hope that explains what I meant better. good night and good luck..

        P.S. Hellbent there is no need for all the drama. I hope you do well on any of your investments and God Bless.

    • richeydouglas Oct 5, 2010 11:20 PM Flag

      I actually believe by the end of the year there will be at least another(1.6 billion) in debt added to the balance sheet under total shareholder liabilities. I do not believe based on what I have read so far that analyst that have put out price targets have factored that in to there price targets. SO MUCH WRITTEN ABOUT THIS STOCK AND IF YOU DO NOT READ WHAT THEY WRITE CAREFULLY YOU COULD BE EASILY BE MISLED IMO. HAVE A GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK TO ALL...

    • Translation: Im a SCREAMING IDIOT!


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