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  • richeydouglas Oct 7, 2010 11:45 AM Flag

    Simple Question: Why no Insider Buying ? Care to Explain?

    They do not share the same confidence in themselves or the company as baggies do. Mell and Howard steam rolled you guys the last time to the tune of 500 million dollars. They worry more about where to set sail to on thier 200 foot yacht on friday than they do about you making a profit on hype. They eat steak and cavier while you eat beans and rice.

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    • Hey Roger/Richey. Don't try to converse with the smart people. You don't have the gray matter.

    • Really?

      Mel does not share the same confidence as longs? Go back and do your homework. Mel has invested Millions of his money into Sirius XM stock on the open market. He was granted 120 million shares of stock. How many of those that have been exercised has he sold? How Many and How many does he still hold.

      He has made a larger investment in this company then you would ever make in your whole life.

      Howard got stock as part of his compensation, he had to sell many of those shares off to pay taxes and to pay his staff and his operational expenses. As well as settling his divorce.

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