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  • richeydouglas Oct 10, 2010 12:52 PM Flag


    thank heavens November is close. If we get rid of the liberals this country might start to heal. Not only has the democratic controlled congress since 2006 run this country the worst it has ever been run since begining of history Obama has not been able to turn that around. Unemployment in 4 years has been drifting higher and higher. They have not addressed this problem and it sits at 9.6% . They keep wanting to blame Bush but 2 years before he left office he was basically a lame duck president. Democrats controlled congress after 4 years have continued to sit on there hands and spit in the American taxpayers eye. There has been nothing they have done since taking control but waste taxpayer money and run deficits up out of control. PLEASE VOTE AND ELIMINATE THE LIBERAL LEADERSHIP IN WASHINGTON. ITS GETTING WORSE AND DOES NOT SEEM TO BE GETTING BETTER. WE APPARENTLY DO NEED CHANGE AND THAT IS VOTING FOR REPUBLICANS TO TAKE BACK THE HOUSE AND SENATE SO THE GOVERNMENT CAN START CONDUCTING AMERICANS BUSINESS IN A MANNER THAT IS CONSISTANT WITH THE MAJORITY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLES INTEREST. I DO NOT CARE WHAT COLOR YOU ARE BLACK, WHITE, HISPANIC etc. IF YOU BELIEVE IN THIS COUNTRY AND THE AMERICAN DREAM GET THEM OUT OF OFFICE THIS NOVEMBER. Lets for once stand together and treat each other with respect.

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