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  • johnclydekeel johnclydekeel Jan 5, 2011 11:52 AM Flag

    PERFECT Business model: INCREASE Revenue REDUCE Expenses..

    The Street is trying to suggest there is something wrong withthat!!lmao.. MANIPULATION just never ends!!

    SIRIUS XM is Retracing to Pre-MErger levels.

    SIRIUS XM is at 20 MILLION SUBS and ever one over 19 MILLION is FREE CASH FLOW

    SIRIUS XM has average over a MILLION SUBS a year.

    EBITDA is not at over 600 MILLION a year

    Prior to the MERGER SIRIUS and XMSR were at a combined loss of 566 MILLION (you do the math)

    Now on the RUSSEL Index
    S&P upgraded credit
    Debt refinanced out to 2018

    25% more spectrum and 6-8 more channels coming very soon and will increase SUBS which guess what? INCREASE FREE CASH FLOW!

    July 25th 2008 MERGER Was approved July 25th 2008 SIRIUS was at $2.25.. 10 days later it was at $1.36 on August 4th 2008.. Nothing fundemental about that and nothing fundemental about todays share price.

    Its a result of NAKED SHORT SELLING! Ask OVERSTOCK>COM what those crooks did to them..

    Naked SHORT selling is no longer an option and the remaining shorts (the 225 MILLION) are getting the schit hammered out of them.. THey should throw in the towel and go away!

    INSTITUTIONAL Shares are now over 1.3 BILLION

    BOTTOM Line

    The best business model has one thing in mind at ALL times..


    Bubba love sponges, thank you for point out what a GREAT JOB Mel and Frear are doing! The BIG Guns(the MEGA's!) are in line to get on board and MEGA STARS are ALL over SIRIUS XM! Sorry, you just werent worth what you thought you were..lmao.. thats bruise sthat big ole ego!!lol.. wah!
    Good day all!

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