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  • sirius_squeeze sirius_squeeze Jan 28, 2011 5:20 PM Flag

    Homer, if Liberty buys 9.9% of SIRI on March 1st

    How many shares does that remove from the market?



    That's like 10 days straight of pure buying given our 45 million daily volume, not factoring in the 200+ million shares that would need to cover + all the institutions/retailers that will pile on top.

    Think about it.

    No sale.


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    • one thing that is unfortunate is that MEL has been participating, and co-conspiring with liberty since the beginning - it will be interesting how that plays out - it will be hard for mel to hide TOO MUCH as subs rapidly increase over different media .....will be a great lesson in investing ....we all know the great value of SIRI and its potential growth, both globally and on hand helds/pre=-owned .....MEl has clearly underreported, and now, simply not released subs .....his absolute unwillingness to prosecute illegal manipulation from $40- .04 cents is incredibly CONSPIRATORIAL ..... good luck ..i am happy to own my march $1.50 calls even with the THIEF running the company

    • What do you think is going on now. Think about it. NO NEWS. Hmmm!

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