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  • johnclydekeel johnclydekeel Feb 13, 2011 3:47 PM Flag

    FACT: HOMER said SIRIUS doesnt have the BANDWIDTH for VERIZON Patent..

    there isn't enough bandwidth. However, DBSD (recently bought by DISH) would be a good application of this patent

    See for yourself!

    My reason for continueing to bring this up is because we are heading into a very CRITICAL area for both the NEAR TERM valuation future improvments. Much of our future will hinge on continueing to get fully vertical and walk this company to the APEX.

    We were nearly DESTROYED by the FEAR that flowed because CREDABILITY of INFLUENTAL sources was not pointed out early on.

    We were BLIND SIDED and its only prudent to be on the look out for WOLVES in sheeps clothing!

    Gifts of knowledge and leadership on issues that are beyond the grasp of average folks shouldnt be take for or the makeing of trust or credability. This is clear when the fight comes home at a critical time like now and potential HUGE moves in the price of SIRIUS XM are upon us.

    THis is a HUGE WEEK ahead!! Any yes, if your coming out with timely soft bashing or planting seeds of negative sentiment then folks need to look closer..

    I am an INVESTOR in SIRIUS XM and do not daytrade my shares. THerefore, I am calling it like I see it, I appreciate inteligent counters and I remain open minded but refuse to go into this next transition blindly or without noise and the WOLVES rise up to slow us down..

    Its happening now! BIG TIME! Hang on to your shares. We have had 2 CC's without a sell off and there is no reason to think we wont continue up beyond Pre-Merger prices.

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    • Good post clydee keep it up.

    • LOL. HOMER, you're being called out as a liar...for being too smart. This is a board of extremes. You either need to BASH HARD...or PUMP TO THE MOON...anything in between is suspect.

      Homer, just keep doing what you do.



    • Malone has always beaten Charlie Ergen.

      Check Direct TV numbers -verse- Dish TV

    • Homer throughput?

      SIRIUS XM sounds fine on my radio.

      Throughput is not gonna make any difference.

      SIRIUS XM has content Charlie Ergen could never get his hands on. If he did the cost would bankrupt his companies.

    • That makes sense and thus explains the timed release of this Verizon patent. Ergen doesn't have any content and it sounds like iPhone's SiriusXM chipset technology is far superior. It sounds like Ergen is to much of a traditionalist while Malone is more the visionary and one step ahead of his nemesis.

      Thank you for your thoughts.


    • can old radio waves be used for anything??

    • 1. Trying to find a way to take his (or a future) product mobile... just like everyone else.

      2. Karmazin and Malone, all the way... as I stated at one time or another, I worked for Karmazin once upon a time. I know what he can do. And Malone, looking at his history is all I need to see.


    • Charlie Ergen and John Malone(Liberty Media) have been competitors for years.

      Charlie Ergen with Dish Netowrk.

      John Malone with Direct TV.

      Charlie Ergen also does not get along with Mel Karmazin.

      Charlie Ergen wanted SIRIUS XM, but Liberty Media bought 40% of SIRI.

      I imagine Charlie Ergen is trying to find a new way into the game.

      An APP over a network (Verizon) is inferior over a chip-set drawing a signal from a satellite (Apple iPhone & HTC).

    • >>>In light of your statements regarding the iPhone patent on the satellite radio chip set, it sounds like Verizon's patent on using satellites to free up Internet bandwidth on cell phones is useless.

      I don't know if you're asking me this or not... but no, I don't think this is useless. As I mentioned, this could be used with a new system, like Ondas... or others. It's just that the Sirius and XM systems have 1 or 2 beams focused on CONUS, which spill over to cover Puerto Rico, Canada, Alaska and Hawaii... because they are so wide. But a system like the DBSD satellite takes the same coverage and narrows the beams to well over a 100 different beams, allowing different content to be sent down the different beams... thus, greatly expanding the throughput. The Sirius and XM satellites can't do that, since they are very wide beams covering large portions of land. The throughput is more limited.

      >>>Why do you think they put out that patent app. now?

      This patent application was actually filed in July 2009... yet was on an 18 month confidential list. It finally was published in early January. Why? I don't know.


    • 1. What do you think Dish is doing?

      2. Would you place your money on Charlie Ergren (sp) or Mel Karmazin with John Malone?

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