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  • holdin4treefiddy holdin4treefiddy Feb 20, 2011 11:59 AM Flag

    List of Sirius XM Competitors According To Mel

    Seems to be enough that the street perceives it to be a competitor as it does affect the stock price every time it's brought up.

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    • no, the street is pumping the Pandora IPO by labelling it competition for Sirius XM. 3.1 billion in revenue. 80 million in revenue. FCF of over 300 million for 2011 projected. Total value of Pandora IPO, 100 million. LOL AHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA
      Once Pandora is being dumped, and institutions are done accumulating sirius, they will be bashing it as another .com failure. Watch and learn.
      Who is saying Pandora is competition is the problem. No one I know or respect. Tons of analysts actually are on board right now with discounting any effect from Pandora. hence all the price upgrades, credit upgrades, rising SP. Facts are facts.
      Also, Mel could buy pandora tomorrow, why doesnt he? Cause its a money drain, thats why. Being bagholdered, why buy it. Just create your own service for pennies on the dollar, and have NO ads. LOL AHAHAHAHAHHA

      Street also was pushing mortgage backed secrutities on the world for 3 years straight. Lets throw out what the street thinks in general. The street is ur SP, and its going up. All that matters.

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