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  • richeydouglas May 6, 2011 12:30 AM Flag

    Everyone is bailing out of the market.

    Obama getting to much air time again? Everytime he speaks it depresses people. He has spent more money since his short time in office than all the presidents since bush the 1st combined.

    now he wants us to believe he single handely took out usama.

    what a crock....

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    • Huh?

      Did u just say that bush's waterboarding got Osama? Dont think so... Under Obama, we stopped waterboarding and starting working with others to acheive our goal. Look what happens when that happens....

      Listen, we got Osama.... So what. Its been close to 10 years. With the technology we have, we can pin point a bead of sweat on a camels butt from sattelites like siri's. 10 yrs? Really? I can guarantee you. There are 1,000 radicals just waiting to take his place.

    • whats a matter richie c you stil made you cant bring it down lmao

    • You do realize that some of the plans obama followed up with... Like say... TARP... were designed to have the government take over the banks & were enacted by bush...?

      Had obama inherited Clintons surplus rather than Bushs massive schiet stained shovel dug craaapr, you would be singing a different tune. It's amazing how badly Bush mismanaged what he was given...

      I ask you this... What was the first thing Bush did when he took office?

      Answer.... He bought you with a $100 check from OUR surplus. That was the begining of wasteful spending. I never cashed my check. I burnt it.

      Obama is doing what we asked him to do... what "we the people" voted him in to do. What u ask? Change healthcare, education and open the markets to green technologies.

      We americans love to back out and stab eachother in the backs when the going gets tough.

      To be honest, it's good to see a politician follow through with what he said he was going to do while on the campaign trail.

      The crash was well under way before obama got there, and yet he still managed to accomplish the tasks he set out to do. In 4 years...

      Kudos... Mr President. Yes we can.

    • richeydouglas May 6, 2011 12:39 AM Flag

      he said he would spread the wealth and believe me you will have to be taxed to pay for it. one way or the other our children and thier children will pay dearly.

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