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  • sky_s_clear sky_s_clear Oct 10, 2012 12:17 PM Flag

    ** Retail Investors.. FIGHT to get the Up Tic Rule Back! **

    (posted on Pauls Thread earlier..)
    Reading on the Up Tic Rule and Derivatives.. wondering if the demise of that abusive form of over the counter trading would be impossible to work well , shorting stocks in Large Lumps of Shares over 1 Mil.. if the Up Tick Rule were back in place, full measure.. and i Found out..
    .. Yes in deed it would cut down significantly in fraud and manipulations.
    They couldnt trade in such outrageous Volume.. thereby allowing the Retail Trader a chance.. and FLASH Trading would bite the Dust as well!

    ..As we are Hit day after day with abuse in the Market.. Right under our Nose is the Solution.. Bringing Back the Up Tick Rule.. would bring back a Fairer Market.. and Retail Traders too.

    Not a problem.. We have an election .. get those emails out.. and call your Party's campaign offices.

    We can do this.. WE HAVE to!

    Research has shown, since the loss of the UTR.. over 60% of on Line Independent Retail Investors have left the Market.. What that does is play into the Henchfund Manipulations, and the Loss of any guarding of the HEN HOUSE.

    These financial Wall Street Banks and their Lesser thieves and Street thugs have taken over Wall Street Rules and Regulations. They put their X-Employees in place at the SEC, and the Congress sat back going.. " DUH " ..!

    It was an Illegal Process in the First Place to dissolve the UTR in 2007.. as the SEC Inspector General Linda Tompsen used a False Report to Congress to take it out.. It was discovered, but when COX Quit right after that Scandal, and Schapior took over, She, coming from FINRA.. let it lay. ... Nothing but rhetoric after, and due to our climbing all over the SEC for it.. all she did was placate us with some 'Circuit Breaker' form of the UTR.. and it's a JOKE!

    We are being treated as low class Investors.. In Their Way.. garbage.

    Let them know... We Plan to get even MORE Outraged.. and IN YOUR FACE.. Fair Market Warriors!

    Time to Bring Back The UP TIC RULE... NOW!

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