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  • godofwine1749 godofwine1749 Feb 13, 2013 12:56 AM Flag

    Cost of plastering the Sirus XM name around town worth it?

    Does anyone see a benefit to SIRI spending some of that cash hoard to put its name out there in front of everyone again? I remember the great XM advertisements in theaters and on TV with musical instruments and musicians raining down from the sky. It got your attention! I feel like SIRI needs at least a short advertising campaign to pump up its image some again. They have hundreds of millions of dollars. I'd be willing as a shareholder to see them dispense with 10 or 20 million to launch a "get back in the public eye" campaign. Movie theater, radio, TV... whatever. I know that they get basically free advertisement with auto owners by virtue of the fact that the service is right in your dash. Still, SIRI shouldn't rest on its laurels. Some celebrity musician endorsements could work wonders. Now that spring is right around the corner and people will be taking long trips in the car, the ads could focus on the unlimted coverage across country and how fun it is. I can picture it now -- something like Steven Tyler, Katy Perry, Psy, and LL Cool J rocking out in a new convertible to SIRI. A big booming voiceover talking about the benefits of the service and the image of the open road, the top down, and the unlimited tunes from nearly unlimited genres of music. It'd be great IMO. Tag line -- Life is more fun with Sirius XM along for the ride. Boom! Make it happen SIRI!

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