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  • bca4me bca4me Feb 15, 2013 7:52 AM Flag

    Pandora "BUYBACK"?????

    Ever since Siri announced their multi-billion$$ buyback plan, Pandora shares have skyrocketed in value= Which company's doing the buyback?? Seems as if Pandora's the one that's doing the best as a result of Siri's impending "massive buyback"
    But, of course, Siri has something that Pandora DOESN'T= A number of parasitic M+M'S and hedge fund "shorts" hanging around and programming the company's stock performance!

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    • Pandora UP another 2.5% today= Since Siri announced its multi billion$$ buyback, Pandora's done quite well. Too bad Siri's gone in the crapper, yet again, in spite of its postive press releases= Wonder what could possible B dragging Siri down?? oh , Must B the shorts "covering"= the oldes line of B.S= Shorts R in trouble, every time that Siri tanks= 'course siri's the one taking the beating while the pumpers R making the nonsense comments 'bout the shorts being in trouble!

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