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  • does it ever end? and cant the idiot blacks get along with anyone? then again who wants to be buds with arab slimey pigs.
    google this
    Wild Video Captures the Massive Cafeteria Brawl Between Muslim and African-American Students at Minn. High School

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    • "why can't the idiot blacks..." blah blah. and the "Arab slimey pigs"... blah blah...
      SJ. do you really think being an overt racist in an anonymous message board makes you a better person, in any conceivable way?
      Does it somehow relieve the pain of your unhappy childhood when you never received the affection every kid deserves?
      Do you think it endears you to any of the readers?
      Because it's really obvious and disgusting to most of us, who have moved on from our 1950s era past, and have accepted and cherish our diverse country, and all those we share it with.

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