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  • sea22hwk sea22hwk Apr 12, 2013 8:18 PM Flag

    Dont continue to waste your time with SIRI.

    Market continues its run while SIRI has done little for its investors in 2013. Still expecting more downside.

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    • You sound nervous shorty. Can't say I blame you.

      SIRI has done nothing too special for Shorts either in 2013.
      Even less in 2012. Long was the way to go.

      Fact is the share price isn't falling. It's holding. If the fundamentals were not there
      share price would be steadily falling. The opposite is true. The price has been going higher.

      Price is higher right now than it was when the year started.

      You Shorts have such a narrow minded view. You'll pull any sample set of data
      to comfort your poor investment skills.

      Care to post up some facts as to why SIRI will fall?

      Here are some reasons it will go higher.

      2 $$$ Buy back... if you think that means nothing you are a fool.
      24,000,000 plus subs and growing... Last year 2 million subs were added.
      Car industry is on Fire!
      a Multi-Billionaire just went all in and took control of the company.... You are betting against him.

      Price is going to $4 then higher.
      SIRI is a buy and hold for long term. period.

      I was short once too.
      I learned my lesson.

      Go Longs!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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