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  • jmail1_1998 jmail1_1998 Apr 18, 2013 10:07 AM Flag

    it will stay at $3 and above

    This is my theory
    I believe that the funds who own stock can not own a stock less than $3.
    they do not want to risk a mass sell off.
    they and liberty will keep this at $3 and above.
    If we get good news good whether good earnings or a takeout
    this stock will take off.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Simply put. BUY & HOLD.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • All of that MAY B true, BUT, imho, we're NOW in another semi-permanent downslide, that has not a thing 2 do with the company's performance and/or other "normal metrics" Think that we'll see, at least 2.85, BEFORE we see 3.15 again.
      This "selloff" MAY B due to Siri trying 2 do a share buyback, as cheaply as possible, OR, merely to another attack by short holders(hedge funds), who R, and have been, using their flash trading programs and naked shorting, 2 drive Siri share value 2 wherever THEY want it 2 B.
      They're likely, STILL using Siri as their personal ATM, and, making millions perr day in doing so! Best that current "long holders" can hope 4, is that The S/A columnist, W. Faulkner is RIFHT, in assuming that this daily downward selling pressure is being caused by Siri trying to do the buyback as cheaply as possible. If this ISN'T the case, then Siri's merely going thru another of its manipulative trading cycles!

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