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  • accumulator_year2000 accumulator_year2000 Oct 5, 2013 12:41 AM Flag

    Apple to buy SIRIUS for $30 Billion will be the headlines soon.

    Gravity will pull the two companies together. SIRIUS has the goods and market share and Apple has the money and enthusiasm to take this business to next level. Its undeniable that the two will come together in a mutual beneficial agreement. Shareholders will reap the big rewards for hanging on to their shares. So my recommendation is to BUY,BUY, BUY. or next time you see SIRI stock it will be a $10 stock. You know why they call the drink SNAPPLE, because is the marriage between SIRIUS and APPLE into SNAPPLE. LOL.

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    • Never happen,Malone`s going to increase the share price when he`s done with the buybacks,which will continue after the first one is done.The fastest way for him and Liberty to increase the share value is to reduce the float by keeping up the buybacks for the near future,this makes them the most money without taking any risks.Malone will not sell Sirius because he`s got big plans for it himself. Posts like yours are ridiculous,especially thinking that Malone would even consider selling Sirius when it will be worth 100 billion + by the time he`s through. Just look at Liberty`s share price in 2008 to now,that should give you some insight as to what he thinks he`ll get in value from taking control of Sirius.Look for Malone to make some big moves after all the buy backs are done to cause a big run up in the stock,shorts will finally be crushed when that happens. 2014 is the year of consolidation as well for the Sirius Xm redundancies as they were restricted from doing so according to the merger agreement with the FCC and the DOJ,,it`s going to be another great year next year for shareholders,so forget about Apple.

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      • 2 Replies to blueyedcatch
      • It truly depends if Malone has the patients and persevering to hold and grow SIRI organically. Remember Pandora is knocking on SIRIUS front door trying to take market share away from SIRIUS. If Malone sees this as seriously impacting SIRIUS bottom line and a threat he will bend over and sell SIRIUS to APPLE. Look at the (P) Pandora share price and its movement in the last few months and compare that to SIRI share movement which is a steady crawl to no movement. There is a reason for that, we as investors should be concerned about why Pandora is moving up fast and SIRI is going nowhere. Perhaps, there is things going on behind the scenes that needs to be considered. I hope SIRI goes very fast up to $10 organically and Malone does as you say. But when money talks people listen even Malone. Time to be a realist and due the DD to determine what is best for SIRIUS and its shareholders. $30B for SIRIUS is $5/pps is not bad we can't even break $4 now for some reason. Plus we might even get Apple shares for it. Go compare the share valuations from SIRI to APPL and you will see it is a great business investment for the shareholders of SIRIUS/XM. I will prefer to have highly discounted APPL shares over SIRI shares any day of the week.

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      • BlueEyedKochSucker, you know nothing about politics, but you are right about Sirius XM, so when it comes to politics Shut_The_F........_Up!

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    • Not much of a premium over the current market cap of $24 billion

      Long SIRI

    • bawnjw Oct 5, 2013 1:07 AM Flag

      I think what you propose would be a BIG win for Apple and essentially, in time, give them the radio and audio entertainment market, plus who knows what those satellites could be used to do with iphones. That said, however, it is just not Apple's modus operindi (sp?) to acquire other companies. They invent, or copy and make things "better", at least they can give that percepion to the consuming public, and grow "organically". So unfortunately, will not happen.

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