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  • ar_salamander ar_salamander Nov 6, 2013 10:41 PM Flag

    "If you like your healthcare, you can keep your healthcare! Period."

    Why do they lie to us ??????

    why ????

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    • Pinnochio obummerLIAR..

      so obvious

    • Its simple. Make Obamacare complex and unworkable so you WILL be automatically routed into government mandate. Presto. Single payer (Obama) and you will be under the liberal yoke. Very much like Russia, Venezuela and Cuba. Things are going great for Obama and the Liberals who consider that nirvana.

    • Obama and other liberal-socialists lie so much because they cannot run for any public office and tell you what they are going to do. If they did, conservatives would probably win every time. Once elected they ALWAYS do what they do based on political calculations. In this case, Obama knew he was lying through his teeth and lying to cover his lies, but he also knows he doesn't have to run again and he and the other socialists know the low information crowd will support them anyway as long as the gov. free goodie pipeline is open at taxpayer expense. Obama, however, is banking on winning in 2014 and the one thing even he cannot control(yet) is the public backlash to obamacare. More and more people, even liberals, are finally starting to realize what is happening(never mind conservatives have been warning about it for years and were dismissed as crackpots with an agenda). More and more it is starting to look like 1980 when Ronald Reagan replaced Jimmy"rabbit killer" Carter with a landslide victory ,but republicans in this case have to grow a spine and realize they can't keep making the same mistakes(nominating "establishment" candidates like they have been doing.)

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      • bawnjw Nov 7, 2013 9:49 AM Flag

        All well said, but I particularly like your comment... "Once elected they ALWAYS do what they do based on political calculations." - Exactly, politically incorrect or not... liberals always do what they do politically to get re-elected, if it also happens to benefit Americans then that is a collateral plus. I would bet most liberals passed the ACA with the same thinking as Pelosi, I am paraphrasing her quote... "we have to pass it (the ACA) to understand it". I am absolutely sure most that voted for ACA never read it or understood it. If they had read it and possessed the capacity to understand it, they could have easily seen that is was a bad law that if enacted could destroy the very fabric of America. Any liberal that had ever held a real job (very rare) would understand the ACA would fail as written, that is a given and every effort will be made to tax and penalize hard working Americans to "save' some form of the law. But only if the liberals can take the house and keep the senate. Currently the backlash from Americans over the ACA is probably so severe the conservatives would take both the house and senate easily. The only potential saving graces that the liberals have going for them is the elections are a year away and the main stream media.

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