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  • agogetter2000 agogetter2000 May 2, 2007 8:26 PM Flag


    No matter how high the stock price will ultimately go, a 15% increase in the value of the company (due to an earnings report, be it ever so good) is not warranted. The shorts have boosted the price above reason, and it will fall back at least to 70 within the next few days. (Maybe lower). Sell and buy back when the price drops (if the market is not in a sell-off mode at that time).

    My "strong sell" rating only applies to the next few days.

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    • Hope your right! I am short and not looking but for 3 points or so! It is a great place to eat, however I do not marry stocks. NOTHING goes straight up! It will cool, let us shorts out and then you can make a decision to go long! See you at $70.

    • ballzofsteeleuchreplayer1 ballzofsteeleuchreplayer1 May 4, 2007 10:49 PM Flag

      It goes up another 4+%, LMAO.

      When I bought this stock 2.5 years ago I said that I would own it for 10 years. I've doubled my money and this ride is just starting.

    • The slide to 70 or below that I predicted yesterday is well in progress. If you like money, sell and buy back after the fall (which is VERY sure to occur even if the market goes higher). If market should have a big sell-off, WATCH OUT BELOW!

      I am not a bear on this stock - just a short-term realist.
      Within a few days, I will be a roaring bull.

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      • Agreed. I dumped at $74 and change and will buy back, barring a major market correction, somewhere around 70. How anyone could look at a 15% increase in one day and not see the inevitable pullback is beyond me. These guys haven't just announced a patent for cold fusion or a cure for cancer; they're just an exceptionally well run restaurant chain that's at the tail end of their latest stock run-up. There will be more coming, I expect, but not today or tomorrow.

    • Great companies that have great earnings only get a 5-8% increase in the stock price. Within a day or two, about 2-3% of that is given back. What do you think happens when BWLD stock increases 15% in one day?

      I was accused of posting earlier in order to cover a short. I don't think that it is possible to influence the stock price with a post, considering the relatively few shares that are held by readers of the message board.

      Whether any readers buy, sell, or hold positions, I don't care. I simply stated the facts and will buy when the price drops a few bucks/share. -- have fun!

    • Oh, ok, you convinced us. We'll sell so you can cover. LMAO!

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