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  • bluestarromeo bluestarromeo Aug 26, 2008 8:43 PM Flag

    The actual news is....

    we're in a recession you Fu' ckin morons.
    Once the alkie used car salesmen run thru their unemployment, BWLD sales are going to tank. No more tax rebates, no more 401K loans, no more hand outs from mommy and daddy. To john.heil I hope your puts are "ok" when the next hedge fund blows up and has to dump all their BWLD stock. You should know better, next support not till $31 or even $28. Good luck, I wouldn't touch this with a ten foot chicken wing.

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    • Now we will see the power of short covering to sustain the price of highly shorted shares. I miss my guess badly if it fails to materialize in here. Darden scared a lot of unsophisticated BWLD holders into selling today, but notice that CMG came back nicely to close higher. Now there is no difference in the quality of these two growth situations; the only difference is that CMG has more sophisticated shareholders and invesment managers in the know about the company and its potential. If given lemons, make lemonade. Position long BWLD at these depressed levels, either buying the common outright or, because I am conservative, selling puts for a lower net cost. I guarantee you will be a winner long term, and a big winner.

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      • John, I seriously think you are "whistling in the graveyard" here to make yourself feel better. With today's volume, I hardly believe we're talking about a few newbies to the market letting shares slip thru their weak hands. I beg to differ with your comparison to CMG, on two major levels;
        technically, CMG is double bottoming on massive multi-year S/R after a long downslide. BWLD is pulling back from a recent pop and top of the BB. (You lost a lot of your beloved shorts here, don't count on them to be here just yet)
        Fundamentally, CMG is more of an inexpensive "staple" menu. College kids gotta eat and they hate to cook.
        BWLD is more about liquor sales. When bucks get tight, you drink in the dorm room and then go out to the bar. BWLD is soon to get mighty empty, that's my guarantee to you.

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