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  • le54roid le54roid May 8, 2006 4:47 PM Flag

    Reafirms for the yr. and increases

    revenue to 308-318. Est. was 306.4.

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    • The PR read like a page of fine print with microdot footnotes. Made me think of an old Pravda announcement of a dual track meet with the US: "USSR Comes In Second, USA Next To Last". LOL!

      Some of the owners are getting tired of reading all the fine print and finding out that the rise was some other special case, again. One of these days, the victory TLCV makes out of each quarterly report will be recognized as the Victory of Pyrrhus. Then, Watch Out! Penny stocks start at under $5/sh.

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      • The industry leader????????????? More like the industry laggard, and yet, they try to make lemonade out of lemons. Management should be fired. Put S. Joffe on as a director and let him show them how to do it. They surely can't do it themselve's. Oh where is the multialias fool and smalltime advisor? How about Marco? How about the rest of you who have been bullish? jzhands...tell us how great they are? anyone? Less procedures than last 1stQ. howq can anyone put a postitive spin on this mess?