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  • cordngindy cordngindy Feb 15, 2012 2:55 PM Flag

    sold it all

    sold all 1k shares today at my target price of $34.50, in @ 27 bucks, good luck to all of my fellow hfc investors!!!

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    • I put in an order to buy 1K at 32.50 2 hours ago and it won't trade. I'll wait to see what happens on Mon. Greece will be in play on Mon + IMO they get their money but you never know. It may also be buy the rumor sell the news for the market on Mon as most think it will happen. Modest up day overall + this is by far my biggest loser + the reason I'm down on the day. I have 16 stocks in my portfolio + it covers a wide range. Learned long ago to spread out into various industries. Today INTC, TDC, WFT, + HAL are pulling up my loses here + in several biotech, tech, and sin stocks. I won't buy any financials, airlines, or autos, nor am I dabbling in housing stocks although they are the rage right now with LEN being a highly touted one. My major core holdings are still KFT, MO, and PM which are majorily in my 401K. They are leaving that + into my brokerage acct mid year as I will move them via NUA, pay the taxes, and be done with it. I'll just keep my mutuals in the 401K.
      I do love divvy stocks until the gov changes the tax laws which I expect will happen next year with obama getting reelected. That's why I'll move those stocks, sell them, claim cap gains + pay 15% now while its still available. Cap gains + divvies may go back to 39% next year as the window is closing fast.

    • Mario....maybe...and I will buy another load .....I am not worried at this level....from here down I will add....but I will also sell before 38.....


    • Very smart the profits....

      The market will give you a better reentry....

      No one on this board saw the 38 to 23 hit coming to say with certainty that this stock is heading straight up to 45 is hope at best......

      I applaud your move ....and have personally been buying and selling HFC on the dips and rips since it bottomed at 23 ..... And I will gladly pay my short term taxes...gladly.


    • It is going to be very hard for me to stay in the saddle to $50 because I think there will be a 10-15% pullback somewhere along the trail. This is my first time to check the message board on HFC to see what others are thinking but I have been thinking more in the mid 40's. A great rule of thumb on stocks: they will always go higher than you think they will go and they will also go lower than you think.

    • $50-$55 which I've stated for a few weeks. Look, if Carl Ichan thinks CVI is worth $37 (maybe it is, maybe it isn't) we are worth at least the $50 spot I've been suggesting.

    • Great move there..LMAO..Loser

    • You never lose when you book a profit, congrats on your resolve. Good luck in your future transactions.

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      • You can lose wjen you book a profit...potentially in several ways:

        1) If your profit is short-term, then you pay tax at ordinary rates...unless your AGI puts you in the relative poor house.

        2) If you're a reasonably active investor, you must then reallocate your "winnings" into another investment and there's, of course, no guarantee on how that new idea will work out.

        Bottom line: It's not all that easy making net after-tax market-beating returns...I know and I would hope you do also. But good luck in your future endeavors...BTW, what are you buying next???...always looking for good ideas....never hurts to ask.

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