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  • sunseeds777 sunseeds777 Jan 25, 2007 6:09 PM Flag

    TRMP merger, How'd you like that

    to happen ?

    Gee, all those pretty Wynn buildings... Look at the TRMP buildings weather old buildings.

    Sounds like a deal, but for who ?

    I think I'd create a contract where in which if the TRMP deal weighs on Wynn stock, that all of Trumps personal high rises which look like Wynn designed buildings (some what) become property of WYNN.

    And all the Trumps would be banned from the gaming business for life. They probably want out anyway... As they've gone Hollywood on everybody.

    Anybody say "EGO"!

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    • TRMP.

      Would he go out on a limb and borrow money, or pay cash (preferably) or in stock, which as soon as they got the shares they'd dump them.

      Course, I wonder if Wynn and Trump ever thought about doing a private deal, excluding shareholders totally.

      It'd give Wynn a footprint in Atlantic City and if Trump owns those properties privately. Well, get the stocks involved in the transaction...

      Then, if "Trump Wynn Casino & Hotel" became a reality, who do you think would want to sell out of the mix ?

      It's no secret the TRMP is a dog and they're gambling on the whole idea of building another hotel tower, to make the bottom like a vaiable thing.

      Will the slot parlors in PA and I would bet, NYC is going to get into the game as well... Not if, but when... We're talking tax revenue and so who wants to go spend a day at Atlantic City ?

      I'm surprised they don't have a big casino on Long Island, way out on the eastern tip. I don't know the area so I can't really vouch for that kind of an idea.

      But imagine if NY State did something like to create revenue for their state.

      One never knows, city and state revenues tax laws can change pretty fast once they start seeing declines in their revenue and as the older population dies off whom are typically conservative in their thinking - the new generation are more open to creative thinking and expansion for their states revenues.

      When was the last time any of yal went to Atlantic City and went there and said. This place sucks, lets go back to Vegas.

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