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  • ccdoc08 ccdoc08 Aug 27, 2012 1:18 PM Flag

    Hello 10 Bucks

    Looking strong

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    • This is what accumulation looks like in a micro cap with a float under 20M shares...doesn't take much volume to move the price.If we can make and hold 10$ we will attract more institutional screeners and theoretically, buyers based on fundamental and the recurring revenue facet. If we make 15...hold on. Im really hoping they get focused on sales, retention, and generate some more impressive numbers. Dont get me wrong, the numbers are respectable and demonstrate growth but a little uummpf on the sales side and a surprise of just 5M in revenue followed by the recurring "the check is in the mail" with no further efforts or consumption of resources will create a long ball....all IMHO of course

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      • This company offers some greath niche products in the wireless communications and security industries. Their products aren't used by every person, but being in the communications industry and knowing what this company offers, I never knew why the stock dipped a couple of years ago, but held on, and am now glad I did. just my opinion, but this should continue to climb, and I have always thought that this would be a good target company for a buy by someone larger.

    • Where is verryhappyde these days?

      Wonder how much money he's lost shorting this stock?