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  • scrapman50 scrapman50 Jun 22, 2000 12:29 PM Flag


    So far your men did a great job today. Keep going.

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    • heres a new preview 6/20/00
      of army men air
      attack for n64.

      read this piece.

      Men: Air Combat, in truth, seems to deviate only
      slightly from the path blazed by its earlier incarnation.
      Since the first few missions parallel the ones in Air
      Attack, we can assume that the later missions will follow

      funny...the reviewer didnt even finish the game. i HATE it
      when reviewers only play 10% or more of a game and
      slap a review on it.

      A true reviewer would
      play 100%+ of the game so they could get a FULL feel
      and FULL knowledge of the game.

      playing just
      part of a game and slapping down a review is lame, no
      matter how bad the

      we had a nice spike up in price today..DamN..i was
      thinking of buying more. still might.

      • 2 Replies to mrpez67
      • Excellent posts. Hope your summer is going well.

        I refuse to read the reviews because the proof, for
        me at least, is in how well the game sells. Who
        cares if there is an excellent review but no one buys
        the game? Accolades do not pay the bills (remember
        that, mrpeZ, when you start working "for the
        man"...words of praise are fine, but you cannot put them in
        the bank and buy stuff.)

        So my question to
        you is this: do you find that many of the reviewers
        only play a small percentage of the game? What's the
        deal with that? More bull s**t, that's what I'd call
        it, plain and simple.

        Once again you come
        through for the board.

        GO GO


      • high heat 2001 comes out in europe june 30.

    • Our headquarter believes that it is going to be a
      WORLD WAR III between Sony and Microsoft, as well as a
      great WAR between THDO and ERTS.

      Among all, THDO
      has poised to be a huge force that can subvert the
      ERTS' empire. THDO has sided with Sony, while ERTS is
      trying to read between the lines. ERTS does not have a
      clear vision yet.

      Sony has set its foot firmly
      in the game industry with its successful launch of
      PS1, while Microsoft is a new player. Sony has been
      financially and politically backed up by the whole Japanese
      goverment since its establishment, while Microsoft is in
      the water on its own. No doubt that both Sony and
      Microsoft have deep pockets to afford this WORLD WAR

      Another product of Sony is its HDTV. PS2 will definitely
      boost the sales of SONY HDTV. These two products are
      counterparts of each other.

      This is just a note from
      our headquarter to THDO