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  • siciliankan siciliankan Feb 8, 2013 12:44 PM Flag

    The problem now...

    The problem now is that:

    1) Last time the sp went up to double digits, many people thought it would stay there. It didn't and the sp plunged and massive, massive dilution took place. No one would have thought that the next fundraising would be at $5.25

    Should the sp go up again, this time it will go up with the opposite level of confidence. This time, after two very poor placings, no one will have confidence when the money is due to run out, that MDGN can raise monies at a decent price. Everyone will be shorting the hell out of this stock at that stage and people who did not take profit on the way up last time, will do this time, capping any rise.

    Unless MDGN sack the people responsible for this fundraising, that lack of confidence will remain.

    2) Because of the dilution, any rises will now be smaller as what was a 15p target is now a 10p target even ignoring the lack of confidence that diminishes this further.

    In short, absent something stellar in the trial results, I do not expect that people can rinse and repeat here.

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