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  • galaberge galaberge Jan 17, 2011 5:52 PM Flag

    new estimates # s help answer Qcor price action

    Not lowered at all. My gut feeling is the following :

    2011 Q1: $0.20
    2011 Q2: $0.30
    2011 Q3: $0.43
    2011 Q4: $0.57

    But i am sure these figures will be conservative. In fact each time the results will come out after each quarter, people will multiply this by 4 to annualise and I am pretty sure we will see for Q4 a pps of 4x$0.57=2.28x 25(P/E ratio)= $57.00

    But I prefer to be very conservative and say less. In 2 years we will have over $150.00/share...if there is no takeover.

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    • gala-weren't you originally dissatisfied with the conference and sales?

      What made you change your mind?

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      • Frankly speaking yes.

        I have to admit that hiring 35 salesperson and train them correctly on ACHTAR in a very short period of time is very difficult and not rewarding in 1-2 months.

        After my post I have seen I have been too excessive. Mr. Don Baily, CEO of QCOR, is on the right track. His moto of saying " SELL ACHTAR" is the right one. We do not even need another product in the pipeline because ACTHAR is so a special drug and it is so good for the people that QCOR will make a fortune with this product while helping a lot of people. (I know there are others BTW). ACTHAR is THE product of the century.

    • I like it!

      BTW, I told mdr that if we got to triple digits over the next 2 years, I would fly out to Cali and take him golfing. You may as well join us!