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  • galaberge galaberge Mar 21, 2011 4:15 PM Flag

    very low volume today

    Future buyers are waiting to buy. They tend to think that QCOR may have very strong results for Q1-2011 but because of the so-so results of Q4-2010 they delay their purchases. It is good but it is a tough play. By listening what the CEO said and by the rumors heard QCOR may jump substancially after releasing their results. Only 8 days to go in this quarter and after we will have a quick earnings release.

    Longs will be happy and all those who are buying now.

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    • Today I actually trimmed my holdings at 13.10,just enough to get off of margin but if the earnings are well received, I will jump back in and add to my position again.

      Still hold a nice core of QCOR but feel it's better to pay up if the news is good. I also feel the market is toppy,despite the last few up days. I want some dry powder.

    • yes i expect a big jump in the share price as well after the next earnings.

      it seems alot of buying (volume) went on in the last 15 minutes before closing.

      end close 330,800 volume and up 2,89%

      good day for us :-)