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  • wellington1947 wellington1947 Jul 28, 2012 2:49 PM Flag

    This entire sell off was a scam---the shorts knew the report

    was coming out and they just waited. Andrew Left has a huge following in the hedge fund world and they all knew Left's report was going to come out months before it did.

    BTW---I lost $ but I at least saved myself from a catastrophe.

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    • at what point do you think they start covering or is the plan to drive it to single digits?

      • 2 Replies to drcas
      • have no idea????----this stock could go up 10 points in a day with good news----all i know is that i am familiar ( unfortunately ) with andrew left and he has a following.

        As far as QCOR is concerned---i got no idea---it could be $100 in 2 months or $20...?????????????????

        I lost confidence but I hope all can make some money but I'm out with a loss and no looking back.

      • Single digits? They may think they have a chance but the QCOR top line and bottom line along with ROE and ROA, being almost impossible to find in today' market place, makes that ploy the most highly improbable outcome possible. No one, with any authentic credentials, sees any product, generic or patentable, on the horizon. There are NO government investigations of any type. Andrew Left is a convicted felon. On or before August 10 (less than two weeks away) QCOR will come out with July vial numbers. If the trend of the past continues then the shorts are going to get burned.

        Richard Paul Evans said "“We can deny reality, but we can't deny the consequences of denying reality.” Andrew Levy is not reality, nor are his insinuations, allegations, and trumped up drivel. Reality is QCOR's financial statements, its past and ongoing performance, and its pursuit of new markets. Now that is a reality that has positive consequences.