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  • mdr0418 mdr0418 Aug 1, 2012 10:06 AM Flag

    July Scrips

    The short and distort raid has lost all it's punch and once again fundamentals will be the driver of the share price. We should get the July numbers on the 6th, 7th or 8th of this month which will demonstrate continued growth trends in m/s and n/s.

    Whether you look at growth rates, gross and op margins or a forward P/E that is under 10, this is a screaming buy at these levels.

    There are no bio similiars, generics or any other competition to change our sales trends as the shorts would like the retailer to believe. Insurance companies are covering the cost of the drug and we have new indications that we have yet to penetrated.

    We are either at the bottom of the correction, or the bottom will be made when the scrip data is released.

    Long and Strong QCOR!

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    • bump!

    • the volume is also drastically going down with each day. To me that would indicate that there's not much selling going on other then the shorts themselves selling.

      Thats why i don't think there's much room to play for the shorts and the only way is up.

    • Funny we are talking about QCOR's growth slowing down and what the impact would be on pps when the current valuation at 10 forward P/E is already assuming no growth. That's lower than the P/E of Pfizer, a company that is shrinking dramatically, or the P/E of HDD manufacturers or coal companies, industries with a risk of secular decline. It is 30% lower than the S&P500 for crying out loud. Unless you believe Citron's thesis of the drug being snake oil and generics being around the corner (Biosim anyone?), QCOR's current valuation is a gift. But the market can be irrational for quote a long time so I don't expect big movements. I hope to be back in the 50s after Q4 results are reported.

    • I agree.

      I believe we are at the bottom already and not buying at these levels is a big missing opportunity for investors.

      I myself expect to be in the 50's in about 3 months from here. We will recover its just a matter of time.

      Go QCOR! :-)