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  • inhxgoldy inhxgoldy Sep 28, 2012 5:07 AM Flag

    QCOR - risk and chance

    when we talk about QCOR we don´t talk about a little biotech company - it´s much more than this...with real huge earnings (that you´ll see in their next Q) for a real product which was the base for the companies wonderful growth that we´ve seen before the crash in pps. There are no doubts, no secondary is planned...
    At the other hand we´ve heard about some huge problems QCOR should have from AETNA´s side...and we´ve seen a massive short attac from a third party...

    What will happen after the enormous drop in pps?

    The company will give us a great Q3 and all the huge problems will go away like fog...analysts will give a new "strong buy" rating (in the moment there is NOT ONE of them who has downgraded the stock!!!!!!!!!!!) and the stock price will climb to old and new "highs".

    Clever guys buy now - yesterday and the day before we´ve seen wonderful buying opportunities...many new buyers will get into when the pps will be in the"twens" again...

    About the risks: if you think the pps will get a new crash - your totally wrong.

    Risk down in a very bad market - 2 or 3 bucks
    Chance upwards - around 30 bucks in a first step - after the earnings it´ll climb to 50 and more.

    Tell me where is a better buy to do now?

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Bayer just received FDA approval for a drug that costs almost $10,000 for a 30 day supply, and it allows a person to live 1-1/2 months longer......QCOR is helping patients also in a different way...I saw the CEO on Cramer, and he is the real-deal.

    • If the doctors prescribing the RX for Acthar slow down because of fear of government investigation of their practice or that it will be too much of a hassle with the insurance companies now, then the fall of sales will drop the PPS dramatically. Remember that this huge increase in share price from under $10 just in beginning 2010 was due to the dramatic price increase of the drug and usage for MS disorder that may have pushed the envelope in usage.

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      • I think this will not happen because nobody can say it´s too expensive to give someone a drug that he needs...
        If there a alternatives in cheaper drugs with the same effect (so called generica) that eventually could be a problem for a company - but if there are no alternatives with the same effect there isn´t any other possibility except to give the original drug - here Acthar.

        So tell me - who will be the person that tells an ill person he has to live with pain and huge problems for the reason the drug he needs is too expensive....

        This won´t happen - the so called "problems" for QCOR will go away like fog....all what we see here is an very clever idea to get the pps as cheap as possible...could be from a chess player.

        Many people thought there is a real problem - but here one old rule in stock trading: Most of the people thinking wrong - only a few of them have the "special" brain in their head to make real money. The person which had the idea to construct a story which sounds "real" - so with helping hands driving the pps to the point where it is in the moment is such a real genius - that´s a fact.

        ....simple story - a good make up - and at least a lot of money - made with the fear of thousands of stockholders...

        In my next life I´ll try to make it too...

        Sentiment: Strong Buy