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  • jkistotass jkistotass Dec 13, 2012 2:16 PM Flag

    Boom Chukka Luka BOOM part 4

    "Dude" that's not the point of my message. I just want to point out to the rest of the board that you are perhaps the most pathetic piece of cow dung i've ever seen. i don't know your position in qcor, i don't care. i just think it's funny as hell that over the last couple of weeks this "missy" person has been posting meaningless, ridiculous, asinine, message after message and lo and behold, it's YOU. you make up some lame story that it's your sis in law. you "accidentally" swapped computers over some beers. is that your explanation? is that your story? you actually expect us to believe that? hmmmm.....maybe barry bonds wasn't on steroids, right?? my god, i cannot tell you how pleased i am that you are so busted. let me guess, you are having beers with nomad and john kelly too right?

    what a loser!!!!!

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