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  • itsawhiz itsawhiz Dec 29, 2012 10:06 PM Flag

    Nice Positive Article in NY Times

    Looks like Achtar wont have competition for a while. Price will remain stable. Investigation, but no wrongdoing. And it looks like Tyler is doing great after using Achtar. Again, they still do not point out that Achtar is not the first line treatment, but the last resort. In those cases, it helps 50% of the patients.
    Just ask yourself one question. What happen to the other 50% that Achtar did not help? Now that's sad.

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    • " What happen to the other 50% that Achtar did not help? "
      Ans: They got Gouged n' went to the Po' House fo' no good reason, aye?

    • I read it too... it fairly neutral.

      it does pin QCOR to be a bad company for raising prices, but hey no one is EVER rejected for the drug if you can't afford it. it is better than no Acthar correct?

      Insurance companies are ripping us off everyday. QCOR is ripping them off and giving back to us shareholders. i see NOTHING wrong with that.

      Plus, fundamentals are too good to be in the 20s. If we were in the 80s, i would understand.. just maybe. In the end however, I think we'll have no generic or competition for awhile and this is a steal at these prices.

      kinda makes you wonder if the shorts were already aware of NY times story and BCBS before the decline.

      Happy new year longs. shorts, i hope you cover much much higher.


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      • I agree. The article is basically neutral. The exposure should be a net positive for QCOR.

        The thing that bugs me a bit is that in a 4 page article they didn't mention the fact that the FDA just approved Acthar Gel to treat Infantile Spasm in 2010, or the fact that although the drug has been around since the 1950's, the FDA updated the label in 2010 to include 19 approved indications. The other 18 indications besides IS were already FDA approved and on-label before 2010. I could understand a 2 or 3 paragraph blog missing this point, but this is 4 pages in the New York Times.

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