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  • mclim73 mclim73 Jan 29, 2013 5:43 PM Flag

    Lol. look at Amazon, PE of thousand and they miss estimates and is up.

    there is WS for you. AMZN has been getting pass on earnings for so long it isn't even funny. Lets hope QCOR doesn't get PE of 5 by the end of the year when we are making $5 per share.

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    • It's sickening that AMZN misses across the board makes only .21 cents per share for stockholders in the quarter (BTW whats suppose to be their best quarter of the year for sales) and they lower guidance for the next quarter and it jumps from 260 to 283. Their margins are fading. Growth is in question along with the tax collecting question. Hard to compare the two due to QCOR is still growing strong. Given that QCOR will make .99 cents per share this quarter, that's 4xs more then the Amzn stock. I did buy a small $230 put today on Amzn when it was trading at $275. It's not the $$$ I spent on the put that gets my goat, its the 6 grand I would have made if it dropped to $200 like it should have done. lol

    • MC,

      I made that very same connection. QCOR will never carry those kind of P/E's but with their growth rate they should eventually eclipse the Pharma industry average of 20. Rule of thumb is that EPS growth rate should approximate P/E...for example if EPS is growing by 50% then the P/E should be approx. 50X. Obviously other factors go into P/E, but I believe 30-40X by this time next year is very achievable!!!

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