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  • mclim73 mclim73 Feb 5, 2013 12:55 PM Flag

    WoW.. very low volume rise.. LOVE IT.

    imagine 27m shorts covering into this kind of volume!

    gets better and better every day.

    Shorts, seriously, what are you thinking going into earnings? that they'll miss? Even if QCOR does, its all baked in at these prices.

    OVER year of false bashing, false info, etc, oh look!!!!!!! ALL TIME high REVENUE and EPS.
    I wouldn't be shocked if we goto 40s after earnings.

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    • jeremyoltean Feb 5, 2013 3:58 PM Flag

      Up above 2% most of the day on garbage volume. Normally I'd say that's bearish, but I think in this case it's the opposite. I mean, imagine where it would be at with 1million in volume. I also hope for $40 after earnings, but my guess is the valuation stays around p/e of 10 and it goes up to $35.

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      • After this earnings, PE of 15 can be given now that even after all that fuss, we will have shown all time high revenue and earnings.

        PE of 15 is only $50.. not even all time high. i expect this to be firmly into 80-120 by end of the year.

        i expect $5.50 earnings this year. PE of 15 = 82.50, PE of 20 = $110.

        im sure after report 5 more times of record growth, proper PE of 20 can be given again EASILY.

        yea yea yea.... its people who can evaluate future that makes the money.

        just look at all the idiot shorts.. their brains haven't evolved from monkeys properly.

      • dumbos, djia up 100 points and stocks like AAPL up 4% on heavy volume what about QueerCor ? only up 1.5% on low volume indicates tomorrow will be back to $25.50

    • Question is will the shorts get enough Ammo to keep the bulls down. Or will the Big boys step in and drive this threw the roof on retail shorts leaving them holding their joint. Perhaps that is why the weed stock is going through the roof. They know the only way for shorts at this point to be happy is to smoke one. Demand way up!!

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