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  • granicus007 granicus007 Feb 8, 2013 12:55 AM Flag

    Huge short position?

    I am long qcor with a healthy size of my investment portfolio. Very promising, huge growth potential, no debt, marketing the new indications now, paying a nice dividend. It's all good.
    And I've read the short thesis ad nauseum.
    But I cannot get my mind around the huge percentage of shorts? I understand having "some" but I just don't get it?
    Am I missing something so compelling to the shorts, kind of not seeing the forests for the trees? To me, having such a huge short position at the current share price (and so close to earnings) would be extremely risky?

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    • I feel the same way, am I missing something??? Even though institutions have been accumulating there is still a massive short interest and it has grown. Some on the board have speculated that the institutions have been covering their short positions and the retail investors have been gobbling them up. If the shift of short shares from institutions to retailers has occurred in a significant amount of shares we can see a nice squeeze. If the pps and volume do not rise going into earnings and this thing stays flat I will take that as a sign that the big boys are still holding large short positions and will expect the same action after last quarter blow out earnings, rise in the first minute of trade and then plummet. The bottom line, the pps will not rise until the big boys say so. I just hope we got in ahead of the game and get to witness a short squeeze of monumental proportions....

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      • How do you make Questcor an attractive buyout opportunity? Depress the stock price and then sell the short thesis to the retail investors who buy your shorts before either a buyout occurs or the stock pops back up. Questcor would presently be about $75 a share accredited to any acquirer AT THIS POINT although after this next earnings report in 12 trading days that might change.

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