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  • newgrad2012 newgrad2012 Feb 22, 2013 11:34 AM Flag

    Brilliant me, I rode it from 18.50 to 25, and now look what they've done.

    Oh well, did the same with NTI.

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    • Better than riding it from 32 to 17 back to 31 as one foolish person I know did....

    • Newgrad..If my memory serves me correctly you did the same thing with WPRT and TPX always better safe than sorry.

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      • Yea, I tend to sell enthusiasm and buy despair, however I sometimes sell too soon, so I am rethinking the use of trailing stop loss orders at 3X below the daily fluctuation average. However as Todd posted he got stopped out in a flashcrash once. I noticed that WPRT has been stong lately, I think it got down to 26 and is now 30. TPX was a fun ride.

    • Same boat. I got in good three years ago at $4. A little wave came in and I got out at $6.40 and was happy with the return. That little wave turned into the tsunami that QCOR became ....what could have been... I've lamented and followed QCOR since and got back in after the Aetna/investigation dump, at $19. a flash crash just caught my stop at $24. I got back in days later at $25 (no stop this time, EAT IT SHORTS!) and believe that wave was the first of a set. Ready for the ride! I just wish my position was like it was 3 years ago.

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      • i made the same mistake with TCK in at 3 out at 10 but it soared to 40+ , BAC, C, F, and a few others....I intend to hold my QCOR for years and build it to 100k shares

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • I liked QCOR but it didn't have enough diversification for a long term hold, I (at 9.93) went long value on SNFCA two days ago, they run three exciting businesses, cemetaries, insurance, and home morgatges. They are growning substantially, and have recently fallen from 15 in ten days on no news (probably short attack), the p/e is 9, they probably grow at 30% YOY, and the p/s is at .47, hard not to like them as a longer term event. Tiny firm, 200 million, run by Mormos, so there is no funny business. The dips are always folloed by a rise on that one, the fundamentals are very good, around 160 million a quarter in revenue.

        Yea, I didn't want to look back a year from now and say IF ONLY on SNFCA, plus the ticker symbol is sort of fun to pronounce. It's like the name of a kitten or something.