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  • pharmaman58 pharmaman58 Feb 23, 2013 8:57 PM Flag

    QCOR all-in strategy, I gotta tell ya, don't

    With no attempt to be preachy here, most posters here know far more than I do about market workings.
    That said ...a few posters stated they have invested way over 50% of their portfolio in QCOR--I think one or two were near 100%. I also received a private email from one of the posters here stating same.

    I should have said something then, but I didn't.
    Here is my unemotional opinion: ARE YOU EFFIN CRAZY?????
    Sell down your position to 25-30% on Monday and Tuesday.

    Want some encouragement?
    I could list all my "sure-thing" biotech investments over the past 20 years that dropped to 50% of my purchase price or worse and never came back.

    Comment, critique welcome from full time investors and professionals--which I am not.

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    • well guys.... i probably need my head examined because i'm pretty much all-in with QCOR for years now!!
      my average is 12,46 with my main core position and i've also added along the way.

      I've also been accumulating ATRS lately but i think i hold about 95% of QCOR! ( i have a large sack, lol)
      Even with all the attacks (barron's, streetsweeper and especially Citron) i hold on to my shares and i'm very very VERY confident QCOR will make me a rich man soon :-)

      But after i make loads of money with QCOR i do on planning to spread my money more and take lesser risk with companies like you guys suggest (it is more wisely, i agree).

      Go QCOR!!!

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    • Pharmaman...great advice although they should probably wait until Wednesday. Questcor is about as good an opportunity as I have come across in years and I even violated my concentration limits (to a little over 30%) and while I am supremely confident in the long term any normal concentration over 20% is normally just insane. Anybody that concentrates ANYTHING (including treasuries) at 100% has to have their head examined!!!

    • I am also in agreement. Even if you are 99% sure that an investment is going up, you need to be comfortable with your risk. Just in case that 1% shows up. If you are new to investing, you need to determine your risk tolerance. Only you can determine how much you want to risk, if an investment goes awry. It is said, if you are younger you can risk more then if you are older and closer to retirement, because you have a longer period to recover from a loss. I say that is a bunch of shxt. I do not care how old you are, no one likes to lose money. So if you are uncomfortable, losing sleep or just stuck to the computer worried, I would recommend that you need to either sell some of your position until you are comfortable, or as a rule of thumb, imagine your worst case scenario and see if you can live with it. One other consideration, if your acct is worth 5k then your % investment maybe more significant or a higher percentage then someone working with a million, just because it maybe easier to replace 2k in your acct then 200k. Between available funds and risk tolerance level differences, percentages of accounts are really not the most accurate way to determine your investment. 28% or 30% for Mike and Pharma doesn't mean its okay for you. When I was younger and less experienced, I went all in on a stock. I considered myself HIGH risk tolerant. After losing five thousand of my 10k investment, I learned my lesson. I walked away from trading for a good year after that happen. Good news is that it took 4 years, but I made 10k on that stock.

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      • I've been in that overexposed category, check out SCHS, I'm a new/young investor with 10K in the market. I have a decent risk tolerance and believe much of the QCOR downside has been priced in, barring some serious unknowns. This board has done a good job of analyzing the known unknowns, to quote good Ol' Rummy, but I still wouldn't put in anymore than I have-- 2500 worth of stock and calls. All told I could get a short term double and long term much more than that. But anything more would be more than I'd like. Can't build Rome in a day...

    • disclosure.. im at 28 percent as well. yes mike, i laughed hard when i saw your position percent as well. I never go over 20 percent but the stock went up.. thus the 28 percent.

      that said, i went in 50 percent lots of times when i was starting out. it is because i did those 50 percent-ers that i came this far. sometimes, you just have to do what you have to do. i rate qcor 50 percentable at these prices... but at 70s, perhaps not. i been doing this for long time and i actually told some of my firends to go in half since their balances are pretty low. whether they end up hating me or not .. oh well... like i said, you just have to do the crazy all in sometimes when starting out imo.

      I just went over all of their revenue trends for the last 2 years and i just don't see how we can be this low espcially when the reimbursement perception is improving as time goes by. as we all know by now, medicair lower reimbursement along with biovectra will add handsomely starting 1st Q.

      So there i said it to those who hold 50 percent or more on QCOR, i would too if i was starting out. Im a gambler at heart i guess.

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      • b4 i get framed for saying this.... just consider going in 50 percent when you have $10,000.00

        you bought QCOR at $30.. and after earnings, it goes down back to $25 (i just don't see how with record vial shipment filed with SEC, but lets assume) Um.. u had 166 shares and you would lose $5 per share.. which means from 10k.. you will have rougly $9150 from original $10,000. Going in half isn't as bad as you think when u have small balance. Even if you go all in.. you wil still have $8300.

        Now i suppose if this goes to $15, it is the end of the world right? Well, at 50 percent position, you will still have $7500 from $10,000. Oh well, life goes on.

    • 100% in agreement. I am at 28% right now, but can afford a hit if it happens. I wouldn't go past 30% whether I can afford it or not.

      The very best reason not to go too far overweight is that you'll be nervous and make bad decisions. Heck if I was 100% in and it dropped a couple bucks Monday... I'd be panicking instead of looking at what is happening. Is it a normal small pullback and it's getting bought or is it really selling off? Even if it was a typical small pullback, I'd second guess my analysis.

      Under no circumstances should anyone be ALL IN. Ask any good poker player and they will tell you that a persons mannerisms change drastically when they go ALL IN, and only the best can control the tells.

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