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  • mclim73 mclim73 Feb 23, 2013 10:07 PM Flag

    Will QCOR issue guidance since monthly data is no longer available?

    i think issuing guidance from now should be the norm. that should stop the shorts and dumb analysts to forecast way below what we know will be over $4.00 eps for 2013. It also should bring about rapid respectable PE ratio to those of the industry. So how about it Mr. Bailey? Thanks.

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    • Any forecast to Revenues and Earnings should be inline with Analysts expectations, unless events occurred that the Analysts are unaware, example would be a company known contract for large sales. Especially since the company has surprised Analysts every quarter for the last 2 years.

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    • Don't need chokes and winks to chase, this board guides in any case.

    • Normally guidance is offered and accepted with all appropriate caveats. But because of the ambulance chasing lawsuits any guidance provided at this time would need to be VERY CONSERVATIVE !!!

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      • Max, From what I gather, their is one lawsuit pending, class action with one defendant against managements forward looking statements. My opinion they should have filed against Citron for defamation of character, and illegally causing a short Bear raid so his puts appreciated in value and also the District Attorney who announced an investigation. Investigations should be quiet until actual charges are filed. Majority of all investigations typically result in little or no fines. Those were the ones that caused the problem. Reality we live in sometimes does make sense.
        It is Illegal to cause a bear raid on a stock to purposely drive down PPS for monetary benefit, like what they did in September. Funny how we are not hearing much about that investigation.

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