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  • mikeylikesit33_99 mikeylikesit33_99 Feb 26, 2013 11:48 PM Flag

    Analyst Upgrades will be coming shortly

    We only heard from 3 analysts before earnings. Two upgrades, and one reiteration. Actually we heard from 4 if you count the research note from Roth stating they expect continued coverage to be no problem. Wait, make that 5 if you count Lafferty backtracking on their short position.

    I'd expect at least 3 upgrades by open tomorrow. Two minimum...

    Anyone want to place a bet on how many?

    I just hope none of the longs here fell for the very poorly executed short trick after earnings. If traders bit it, oh well, that's the price you pay for not doing due diligence and trying to scalp.

    Stay strong longs! The analysts don't want to miss a turn around story, and they will be typing their reports early. Count on it!

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    • Far from "falling", I actually bought even more, AH at 30.85. I had to talk myself into it for 2 3/4 hours, because it's the most I ever paid, and it upped the cost basis! Ouch! But it seems like the very best investment I could make right now, although if options traded AH I would have preferred to buy some more longer-dated calls, maybe around 35. I was afraid the opportunity would go if I waited for the open tomorrow.

      Mikey - I'm sure you noticed that Cartt had some very clear data, this time, about vial counts and how many weeks of treatment for all the major indications, so estimates should go easier next time...

      I wish I had 100% faith the PPS would be up at the open, and we've really seen the last of the 20s. How could analysts have needed this cc, to be sure Questcor was going well? I mean: don't they read this board?

    • im holding my shares, even if we dip back to mid 20s. yea, im dumb but i know this is going back up in a year. i will be adding calls in chunks.. once a week perhaps collect couple hundred calls b4 1st Q numbers if we dip from here. who knows i might score couple of millions. IM dying to find out where we will be by end of the year.... will it be my $100 or Max's $150 or Patent's $60?

      Im thinking we'll sell off tomorrow, but i don't think that will last too long. i expect us to be in the high 30s by the next time we report. only 2 months away.

      Keep up the good DD, always appreciate it.