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  • mclim73 mclim73 Feb 26, 2013 11:51 PM Flag

    Read the transcript just now.

    sound very encouraging and it seems like im witnessing a company growing into a good medium sized pharma company.

    - laying the foundation of a better reimbursement call center focused on ACthar.
    - Securing Biovectra to make it hard for someone to order pig pituaries from them and secure trade secrets.
    - R&D to establish that there are more than amino group working for the drug as actives. once that is established, say bye bye to synthetics and generics.
    - open to inflamatory or autoimmune acquisitions for diversification
    - Biovectra's partner companies order lot more than originally thought. Biovectra rev seems to be going up.
    - lower medicaid started, but will be blended in 1st Q and full lower reimbursement schedule in 2nd Q.
    - possible new indications sometimes in the future.
    - MS down but NS more than making up for it. RA will definitely help noticeably starting 2nd Q.
    - increased dividend from 20 cents to 25 cents. woopee! i get $1 per share per year.

    EPS is exactly what i predicted. 1.09. I expect 1st Q to be rougly in the 1.28. 10 cents from medicaid and 2 cents from biovectra and 7 cents from growth.

    I expect us to be trading around PE of 12 from now do to clearer reimbursement picture. so mid 30s to high 30s is my guess as traders leave here w/ in couple of weeks and gain traction once again going into 1st Q. tomorrow? who knows, but im expecting some upgrades tomorrow. perhaps that squeeze might come slowly for next two month. if it goes back to 20s, i will add leaps from now to cash in on the eventual ride back to triple digits.

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    • It really does pay to read QCOR transcripts. For some reason, they come off dry when listening to them but then you read the transcript and it's like they spent a week having Pharmaman perfect the wording.

      Funny thing is, it used to be the other way around. There filings from even a year ago read like someonene talking off the cuff with umms, and ahhs, and mid-sentence topic changes but they sounded great on the phone.