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  • pharmaman58 pharmaman58 Feb 27, 2013 9:16 AM Flag

    why I love PM/DM

    Update on my love affair with PM/DM (from the cc):
    1. 65,000-70,000 patient population, of which an estimated 25-30,000 are not well controlled.
    2. Acthar used primarily to stabilize these uncontrolled patients, so they can return to regular, chronic medications (I had this primary usage not quite right in earlier posts).
    3. 5 vials per treatment (so..much closer to NS than MS in revenue potential per patient, which is huge).
    4. Repeat treatments required for a percentage of patients (20%?).
    5. But the biggest reason?
    Entry into the world of rheumatology, where Acthar has multiple indications, and where the same doc who sees results with PM/DM patients, could prescribe for uncontrolled patients with lupus, RA, psoriatic arthritis, juvenile RA and AS. And off label for ALS, where there are thousands of uncontrolled patients.
    I see these rheumatology docs as the game changer for QCOR as we navigate through 2013. That's why QCOR ramped this sales force at a much faster clip than MS and NS.

    This is not to downplay NS or MS potential.

    Lastly--I believe the dip in MS scripts was for seasonal and weather reasons primarily. QCOR said they expect to grow scripts for MS and that makes sense to me.

    Ok Max--gauntlet thrown--let's hear your updated NS-man logic.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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