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  • mikeylikesit33_99 mikeylikesit33_99 Feb 28, 2013 8:14 PM Flag

    Welcome to the wonderful world of ...

    ... a stock market without an uptick rule or at least a very weak one nowadays. Yes when the uptick rule was done away with, it enabled people to short at will. Over time it has been modified to at least have a 10% cutoff. That doesn't change the fact that it can be shorted at will though, it just takes them a few days more since they want to avoid the restricted period from hitting 10% today. So, for you posters that are asking questions like 'what in the world is going on'. Thank the SEC for making it easy to churn stocks and force them down when desired.

    ... investors/shorts who don't really have no hope of understanding the inner working of health insurance. Even Healthcare and Insurance stock analysts I've spoken to, don't have a good understanding of the industry. They are more focused on financials and understand terms at only an extremely high level. I'm sure there are a few out there that do know the industry inner workings, but I just haven't spoken to any yet.

    With even the pros not having a sufficient background, is it any wonder that investors can be easily misled. Whether it's on purpose or because the provider of information you are relying on is honestly misstating information.

    ... biotech and the FDA. Same pretty much goes for these as with insurance. One stock journalist comes to mind that repeatedly misstates basic science, interpretation of study results, and FDA regulations in his articles, tweets, etc. He's pretty famous and so far I've communicated with him on 3 stocks in the last 5 years. I'm winning 2-1. I learned a valuable lesson 5 years ago. That was to stay away from cancer drugs. Even with my healthcare degree, he won that one. Not by being right, but by me being wrong. I don't do cancer stocks ever, since I don't have the detailed knowledge for it.

    I feel for the QCOR investors in this regard. You've been hit on all sides. I may be very comfortable in this space with my insurance, healthcare, and biology backg

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    • Even cancer research is now aiming at the tweaking of genes and the inflammatory process engendered by the immune system in the wide world of autoimmune diseases. The use of shotgun therapy which targets cancer cells and non-cancer cells as well is going to fade in the future. As far as Acthar is concerned, it has properties which affects a myriad of inflammatory diseases with so little downside. Working with the drug to unlock the actual mechanisms will open up a plethora of other treatable inflammatory autoimmune diseases. The potential is limitless.

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    • Mike, No cancer drugs? I thought you were in Mack

    • Why are you crying? The stock is trading exactly where it should be given the Q4 results. While the earnings and revenue were good, the guidance was soft and the increasing specter of slowing growth is weighing on the long case. Management shouted that Q1 growth will slow sharply due to high channel inventory and flat MS sales Q to date. The new indications are positives, but the trials they are conducting can go either way. If they do not confirm a significant benefit vs. risk and cost, this growth will come to a quick halt. The bottom line is that no knock out punch has been delivered to spark a short squeeze. Unless a significant buyer emerges at this level we will need to wait another quarter and hope that the CFO wasn't sandbagging, but even then, we need to see the trial results and that won't happen for some time.

    • Hi, Mikey, MACK which you just mentioned before focus on CANCER Drug development. Thank you for sharing your thought!

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      • Good catch, I know and mentioned that before.

        I sought out advice on it from 2 folks, 3 if you include wanna_millions on that board. I initially put a spec position in play based on my technical analysis, then sought out expertise in the field.

        It won't be more than a spec play, and for me isn't different than investing in a small tech company awaiting a catalyst. I got great information from the experts, but still won't "invest" in a cancer drug.

    • ...continued...

      background but to be hit by all three, when most folks have only a very basic understanding of them... sigh... then you get hit by the SEC and the stupid lack of an uptick rule too.

      Yes, welcome to the stock market.

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      • Mike, The only shorts that have made money here are the ones that have sold above $34. The recent action has not been that beneficial to their bottom line. The only thing that they have accomplished is a temporary lowering of the PPS. They continue to become more short. They sell 100k then they buy 60k and call that a win because the PPS is .20 cents lower. That is why our shares, when they rise, they rise dollars not cents. They planned these attacks timely. A/H on earnings and the days following. The SEC should have a field day with these criminals. And that's exactly what they are criminals. Then there's the market makers that are aware of the manipulation and stand aside allowing the crime to be committed. Funny part, they do not need to make money to violate Securities laws, it just needs to be proven that manipulation is occurring. Hope they have fun when the SEC comes knocking. As you have said in previous posts, it's not the days price that concerns you, because we all know where this will wind up. Sad, because it could have already been there.

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