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  • garp001 garp001 Mar 3, 2013 6:48 PM Flag

    In Re: Legg Mason Inititates a 550k share position, filed after hours

    OK mikey, I had a few minutes to look into this, and guess what, You were wrong ... again. The filing you are looking at is an annual prospectus, so when they say they commenced a new position in Qcor, they are referring to all of 2012, 2012 not just 4Q. In fact they commenced their position during 3Q. This position was filed as an institutional holding with the SEC on 2.14.2013 under the name LMM LLC, and was included in the institutional holdings listed by nasdaq (there really is no need to peruse individual fund prospectuses for this information, unless you have nothing better to do, but you knew that ... Right?). In total net institutional holdings increased by 368K in 4Q not by over 1 million as claimed by one of your acolytes referencing your "research" today. Now I'm sorry mikey, I don't mean to pick on you, but researching Qcor is not my full time job, and I don't have time to educate you, let alone teach you to read and think. I know how seriously you take making false statements on this board, and as this is the second uncorrected false and misleading statement I have found in less than 1 week, I am sure you are going to turn yourself in to the SEC first thing Monday morning and then go sue yourself.

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    • For those who aren't familiar with the history of this (I had to look it up myself). This idiot Gorp claimed I was lying because he didn't see a filing under Questcor company filings, like Deerefield and Blackrock. He also claimed I lied because companies don't file for 500k share positions.

      I had to explain to him the difference between series 13 filings vs NCR filings along with a host of other basic SEC filing concepts.

      He is clearly obsessed based on the extent he has put effort into continuing this.

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      • Probably a motley fool and connected to your stalker. The shorts aren't just nervous they are desperate. If they cover with no shares available we gap up to the moon and they are wiped out...margin calls, mortgage default, car repossessed, wife n kids on the next bus to grandma's. They will try everything to get you to sell them shares...even stalking YMB in a lame attempt to discredit those here who have more analytical acumen in a nose hair, than even the craftiest among their short bashing minions could hope to possess in 9 lifetimes.
        Just look at their posts...someone barely scratches the surface of their misinformation and all pretense falls aside and their true nature reveals all it's ugliness, ignorance and desperation. It's all come home to roost now. Their refusal to accept fact and truth or worse, participate in the lies, has put them on the express train to h.e.ll and destruction. My friends we are on the local train to prosperity and glory, stopping along the way to pick up all whom are open to truth, and wish to join us. If you don't come aboard now, you'll have to run to catch us at the next stop and it's already standing room only.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • BTW, you also gave away your other aliases by your sentence structure style and word choices. Maybe you should have stuck to shorter attack sentences like you were, since starting this alias 2 months ago.

    • Oh my... the short in long's clothing speaks! Thought we were done with this.

      However, you seem to make it a hobby of twisting my words to suite your imperative. In fact, what I stated was that the fund acquired 550k shares as of Dec 31st and they had none according to the August filing. I then even included a web link to the exact filing on twitter (which also posted on Stocktwits). I even included the CIK so you could look up the fund yourself, and both their new and old filings.

      Whatever unrelated information you want to use to try and twist my statement into a lie... whatever. I'm not wasting my time reading all your post or the stuff that comes out of a cow's rear end that you throw.

      You claim I lied, you claimed I lied again, you claimed I was crying when I was showing sympathy/empathy to new investors who don't understand all the market influences, then you claimed I was an idiot for a typo. Oh and then you circled back around to calling me a liar, and now you are doing it again. You are just relentless in your pursuit of me and I am not flattered.

      Then you make up some garbage about acolytes and some supposed claim they made. Sorry, I don't have any and I never saw anyone post what you claim.

      I gotta be honest. I really didn't even know that you existed in between your posts. Each time I had forgotten who you were, since the last time. The only reason I remembered any of this, was because another poster brought it to my attention that you replied to me before. You are not on my radar as anyone that has anything pertinent to say.

      It sounds to me like you have gone off your meds and are printing posts to paste on your mom's basement wall, then drawing circles on words and drawing lines between them. At this point, I'm sure you are on your third layer of pasted articles, 10th set of magic markers, and your psychiatrist is pleading with you to take your lithium.

      Please move along to your next stalking victim. U R on ignore now.