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  • maxdad01 maxdad01 Mar 4, 2013 4:01 PM Flag

    over 170,000 shares in the last ten minutes

    and it barely moved the needle...NOT RIGHT!!!

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    • No not right, but we are in for the long haul. Almost looked like MM manipulation or a change of hands of shorts. Maybe the MMs could not keep up with the buys once the misinformation hit the wire. Was that a signal from Benzinga for the short attack? Maybe? yes Benzinga came out with a wire that said Navellier, a small time hedge, was selling its questcor shares, right before the attack. LOL I went right to the SEC site. search navellier. Only to find that Navellier sold all they had in the 3rd quarter, 50k shares or there abouts. They still hold Questar shares, maybe, they meant those. Ya Right! That end of day activity was way out of the norm.

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    • Looks like short interest today was about 24%. Sorry for repeating but we have met the enemy and he is us (longs)! Nuttin but post rally selling, Hopefully the sellers will be back as buyers. I would have sold too but most shares under 24 and I'd like to hold long enough to get LT cap gains when I do chose to sell. Payin' 40% on the margin for short term gains this tax season for churning so much last year. Had a good time and made a lot of money but not so much after taxes....

    • No, just normal psych trading against the noobies. Pressure the ask, keep dropping it as the noobs get frustrated and throw in da towel. They take their dollar or two loss and slump away cursing the stock and screaming manipulation. One look at time and sales and you can see mostly 100-400 shares puked up at a time and a few 1K+ lots which are the big gamblers or the longs like me that have held and now want to take profit. You know, just trading around their core.

      The stock has given back 100% of the post ER gain but remains to be seen if the funds will sell now or hold. Next few days are critical to that. Obviously the big shorts aren't worried cuz they're def not covering.

      You probably hit it on the head with the huge call selling on Fri. Whoever was buying was hedging their bets and looks like no new big buyer has stepped just yet.

    • They always manage to get cheap shares for covering or adding to their egg nest. Those who sold out just did not know what value they were holding and what the BIG trend is. And, they are feeding the shark!! Oh well, their loss!

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    • The 51K close popped A/D from +7.6K to +58.5K